About Karen

Coach  and trainer

Karen Butcher is a former teacher, sales consultant, and corporate trainer whose career journey led her to coaching.


Senior Trainer, InterAction Training, Honey Shelton
Training Associate, VK Solutions, Vicki Kraai
Director of Educational Development, Whitaker Bank Corp of KY
Training Manager, Kentucky League of Cities
Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics
Extension Agent, 4H, University of Kentucky
High School Teacher  

Education and  Experience

  • Eastern Kentucky University, MAEd
  • University of Kentucky, BS

Karen Butcher – My Story

Maybe you can relate to my experience.

I found that “white-knuckling” it through life wasn’t working anymore. I wanted desperately to wake up with energy and to feel I was putting my skills and talents to real use.

I was envious of others, working in their strengths, making bold and confident decisions, and making real contributions.

My dreams and goals of people development through public speaking and training died by my fear and self-doubt.

I hired a coach who helped me create new thinking and restore belief in myself and who I am called to be. I overcame my fears, I took new and bold action, and I saw my dreams become reality.

Now, I make my living developing people, through coaching, public speaking, and training. This is who God created me to be.

Brave the wilderness with me, as I did, and reclaim your goals and dreams. Take a bold Action

She left the corporate world to coach women and men who want to reclaim confidence and achieve their goals.

Karen knows the power of vulnerability and the trust required for courage building and taking bold action. When asked, “who are you and what do you do?” Karen says,

“I am a faith-filled woman who is courageous, resilient, and compassionate. I work to inspire others to become who they were created to be.”

She is driven to walk alongside her clients who are stuck in a career that depletes their energy, who are weary of putting off their goals, and who long to live an adventurous life.

Karen understands challenge and obstacles; she raised two sons with hemophilia, grieved the loss of a daughter, survived a divorce and more recently learned the resiliency needed to love a child in addiction.

A turning point came in the fall of 2017 as she decided to take a “sabbatical from life.” She worked through emotional trauma and emerged with a renewed sense of purpose, self-love, and confidence.

When not traveling, playing with her grandson and visiting family, Karen and her husband Gene stake their claim in Central Kentucky.

Why Work With Me?

I bring 35+ years of training, sales, and coaching experience to clients who need solutions.

I challenge people to ask for what they want and need. They learn to let go of false assumptions, change perspective and gain the confidence to move forward in work and personal relationships.

Companies & Organizations I’ve Worked With